[ubuntu] A Peek At Ubuntu's New Touch Support

While there's still no official word on which PC manufacturers will produce a Ubuntu touch netbook, the company released a sneak-peak video that shows it's new Netbook Edition Unity interface and gesture library in action.

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PC manufacturers will embrace Ubuntu touch because it will cost less than it's predecessor OS :)


[ubuntu] Maverick Meerkat Release Party happening now!

My friend Zak hosted the Release party at his office at Orange and Bronze in Makati City, Philippines.

A live streaming is provided for the Virtual Attendees :)

Details of the party below:
Maverick Meerkat Release Party | Ubuntu LoCo Team Directory


[linux] It's TOP and more

I've been using top for checking processes for CPU and memory usage but there's even more user-friendly way to check it. Here comes htop.

htop is an interactive process viewer that is similiar to top but more, it's interactive, easier to understand and it has graphs.

To install on debian/ubuntu
sudo apt-get install htop
To install on CentOS/Fedora
yum install htop


[ubuntu] Use wicd instead of network-manager

Tired of entering your password every time Network Manager connects to a wireless/wired device on first boot?

Replace it with wicd :D
sudo apt-get install wicd

Then remove Network Manager
sudo apt-get remove network-manager

Restart your system and you're done.